About Us

We are an NHS GP Practice


Welcome to Pimlico Health @ The Marven. We are an NHS GP Practice. Our doctors have been serving the community of Pimlico and Westminster for many years. We provide a range of dedicated services within our practice including diabetes, paediatric clinc, chronic disease management and homevisiting service. 

We work in association with local NHS services such as Westminster ONE, Healthshare and the community mental health team. We envisage to continue to serve the local community and provide the highest standard of care and clinical excellence. 

Our current list size has over 14,000 registered patients with majority living within our catchment area. 


Accessible Care | Greeted Friendly | Welcomed Professionally | Treated Respectfully


Our practice aims to work in partnership with our patients to provide and deliver healthcare with a personalised approach. We welcome the opportunity for our patients to make informed decisions about their care, whilst ensuring we maintain the utmost dignity and respect for patients, their families and their wishes.